Required Skills:



  • IDE – Intellij 15.0
  • JMeter for data validation
  • Dynatrace
  • Splunk


  • Java 1.7 and 1.8, Scala, Groovy.


  • Gatling, Spring, Spring AOP, apache-cxf, Jax-WS, Jax-RS, Open Security Gateway bundling.

Development Related Tools:

  • Apache Tomcat – 8, Maven 3.2.3

Platform: OpenShift3

Development Role:

  • The project work is a middle tier providing health care data related to Individual/membership.
  • The main purpose of the project is to consume backend Rest API’s and produce the processed version of the data to the Consumers.
  • The data representation is handled in XML and Json format enabling consumers a better fulfillment of their data requirement.
  • Work extensively in java using major features of Java 7.
  • Hands-on on the following technologies including java frameworks such as Spring, Spring AOP, apache-cxf, Jax WS ,Jax RS, Open Security Gateway bundling. The project is based on apache maven 3.2.3 and used Jenkins for all its building and deployment requirements along with Apache Tomcat 8 as the application server.
  • Use XL release for auto deployment scripts as part of CICD process.
  • Automation testing is carried on using spock framework having groovy and java version.
  • Project is multilayered using Resource for representation along with business logic and dataservice for backend.
  • Develop and deploy quality code on timely base to production.
  • Part of OIL production support team to take the production defect tickets and resolve.

Performance Testing Role:

  • As part of the performance testing role, Use Gatling as the framework to evaluate the performance results along with Java-8 and using Scala as the scripting language.
  • Validate the test results based on the NFR’s from the consumers and analyzed the results using monitoring tools like Splunk and Dynatrace.
  • Based on the performance test result graph, Required to analyze the server behavior, Backend availability, authentication layer availability, etc. and work with the right team and solve the problem.

DevOps/Architecture Role:

  • As part of this role, required to maintain the available pods which are in Open Shift 3, analyze and rescale the size based on the traffic(Worked on the Garbage Collection issue and rescaled the Pods accordingly).
  • Work on the CICD process implementation for the OIL architecture and integrated Sonarcube, Fortify scan, XL release.
  • Work on setting up Prometheus and Grafana as the Data source for Monitoring tools.
  • Actively participate in codehub(old SVN repository) to GITHUB migration from planning phase to implementation phase.
  • Enhanced project creator tool with addition of CICD pipelining.
  • Actively participate in the production deployment of the bundles.